Thursday, September 29, 2011

Money For Nothing And Your Chicks For Free

I had a young guy who worked with me recently who was (and is) an awesome guy, hard worker, and all around solid human being. He had a major disconnect when it came to money however. All he would do all day was bitch and complain about how much more everyone he knew was making. "This guy owned 3 cars". "This guy bought a summer house". "This guy had "bank"". He wanted to know when he was going to get his!! The honest truth is probably never. Of the people he spoke about 2 had worked their tails off starting their own successful small businesses where they put up to 100 hours a week of work in and the other had an educational pedigree that gave him an edge in his chosen field. But he didn't get it. He thought a blue bolt was going to come out of the sky and give him a six-figure job where he basically didn't have to do anything. Sorry Charlie, doesn't work that way. The simple truth is most people who make a lot of money have worked their asses off to make it. Period

In popular, make that throughout history, those with money have been perceived as villainous, undeserving, or otherwise unsavory. I don't get this. Yes, there are those that were born to money or because of who they are landed a cushy, high paying job they didn't earn. But they are the exception, not the rule and in most cases someone along the way busted their ass to make life comfortable for their progeny. No, most aren't born with the proverbial silver spoon up their ass. Most people who "have money" in some way, sort or fashion have EARNED that money. Now, whether you consider how they "earned" that money to be legit or not is a different story

So, yes, you might feel that a highly paid athlete or actor get's paid because of their god given talent or looks and, like the song goes, get their money for nothing and their chicks for free. I don't think it's true. Maybe they get paid disproportionate to what they do but they have to work their asses off at what they do. AND like with any job they are paid by those they work for based on how much money they earn for them. But regardless of what you think of what someone does for a living most people aren't simply handed money for doing nothing

At the end of the day everyone works for someone or works for themselves (Captain Obvious). If they work for someone else then that entity, at some point, was the result of one persons blood, sweat and tears which has evolved into something bigger. Big companies don't become big companies by osmosis. These companies need workers at every level to run and the amount they are compensated are almost always in direct proportion to their importance to the bottom line. If you work for yourself then you are 100% percent responsible for your own success whether your job is blue collar, white collar or any collar you choose. Sometimes it's luck but it's usually hard work that is the difference between success and failure (well, in these economic times maybe not but you get my drift). Risk and reward is exactly as it sounds and for those not willing to take a risk our reward is working for someone else and bitching about how little we make

So while certain people may have a certain advantage in the job market based on education, upbringing, socioeconomic class, god given intelligence or talent, most people have to work their asses off to make how much or how little they make. Very few people have it handed to them (OK, the cast of Jersey Shore is an exception). If you think you deserve a bigger piece of the pie then go out there and grab it. To quote the British S.A.S. "Who Dares Wins". Rather then pissing and moaning about what others make or have and what you don't get out there and make your own fortune. It may work out, it may not but unless you walk in the shoes of those you're envious of you don't know what it took them to get there

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Popular Myth-conceptions 2

You hear some shit so much, so often you start to believe it's true. People repeat the same old crap so often you start to wonder if they are trying to convince themselves it's true. Today I am attacking the most popular current myth- there are no jobs out there! Tell me you don't hear this at least a gazillion times a week. I have friends, relatives and acquaintances out of work. Some are looking, some have been looking unsuccessfully and some have just given up. Here's the deal; there ARE jobs out there!! Now maybe not good jobs, maybe not what you want to do, maybe not careers but there ARE jobs out there!!

As I drove around today 6 out of 6 establishments I entered had help wanted signs. Seriously. Now, all were retail or service jobs but jobs nonetheless. So, we need to clarify when we say there is no work out there. I've had the same job for over 20 years and while it may not be a "career" by some peoples definition, it's an honest days pay for an honest days work and, generally speaking, I like what I do . So, all that said, I struggle understanding not working. I know there is a method to the madness for those laid off from a particular field, used to a certain pay level or position. I get it...actually no I don't but I pretend I do. I know there is some kind of algorithm that tells us that not working and collecting is more advantageous then working at a lower wage. However what this doesn't take in to account is the mental anguish, low self-esteem, and general doldrums that come from being out of work for long periods of time

So, yes, there are jobs out there. Maybe not what you're looking for but there are jobs. The question you have to ask, despite everything everyone tells you, is at what point do you stop listening and start working. Take away the pay, benefits, 401k, etc and what is work? Well it's a sense of purpose, a sense of accomplishment, and a structure to our day. I've seen too many people out of work for too long fall into a funk that's almost impossible to get out of. So, when is it time to give up on "I can't take a job for less then this" and start doing something, anything? I can't say, it's different for everyone. Just don't tell me there are no jobs out there, ok??