Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Remember When...

So it's been a while since I posted one of my famous stream of consciousness, quick hit kinda blogs (OK, the blogs have been fairly infrequent period). With that said, and by popular demand (**crickets**), lets proceed with guarded anticipation-

-I remember when pets were pets and not a cottage industry unto themselves

-I remember when half the thrill of doing something you weren't supposed to do was the fear of getting caught and what the punishment might be

-I remember watching TV shows that featured actual fake families, not "real" fake families (or fake real families)

-I remember when going to college was still considered a privilege for those willing to work hard or those that could afford it and not just those who didn't know what to do after high school (my dad reminded me of this every time I got my grades)

-I remember when the (incorrect) perception of civil service jobs were for the "non-college types" or as a fall back job and not the highly sought out jobs by those of all backgrounds that they are now (and should be)

-I remember when things like soda and fast food were an occasional treat, not a way of life

-I remember when we didn't fret nearly as much about what we ate yet obesity, type II diabetes, celiac, and allergies were far less a factor then they are today

-I remember when we communicated less but said a lot more

-I remember when quality time with friends and family didn't require mobile devices and wifi connections

-I remember when this # was a pound sign

-I remember when e-mail was new and fresh and exciting. It's now all but obsolete outside of business purposes

-I remember when "graphic novels" were still called comic books and the only adults who read them and watched tv shows and movies based on them were closeted nerds like myself

-I remember when bar beer menu's consisted of "domestic" and "foreign" with the foreign beers being macro  brewed Canadian and German beers and hence more expensive.

-I remember when I had lots more time to write more pointless yet amusing to me dreck like this