Friday, June 29, 2007

An open love letter...

I'm not one to openly show my feeling or let them be known in general but things have been so weird lately I simply have to shout it to the world…


My life hasn't been the same since we met. It was just 3 years ago when your floor duster changed my life for the better. Since then it's been the Wet Jet with both the all purpose as well as hardwood cleaner to keep all my surfaces clean and fresh. Then came the Dusters with both standard and extended handles to get to those hard to reach spots. Then, out of the blue the floor duster with built in cordless vacuum. Simply heaven! You've done so much for cleaning challenged bachelors the world over with your simpler, disposable methods of cleaning and more importantly right here in my heart!

Now, I know you're saying Swiffer is a division of Johnson and Johnson or some crap but in my mind Mr. Swiffer is a congenial older gentleman in a lab coat with a beaker in one hand and samples of statically charged textile in the other. He is simply looking out for all of us who refuse to use buckets, dustpans, or clean standard off the shelf cleaning tool!

So thank you Mr. Swiffer and your brother Mr. Clean and your friends the Scrubbing Bubbles for making every trip to target exciting, my wallet a little lighter and for making me actually believe all your product make cleaning easier.

I love you Mr. Swiffer!

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