Monday, October 12, 2009

Celebrating Mediocrity

In the new tradition of rewarding anyone who does anything (you know, ribbons and trophies for anyone who participates...don't want any bruised egos) I am hereby throwing myself an anniversary celebration. That's right, on a beautiful October day in 2004 I actually starting posting my drivel that only those that have the unfortunate experience of sitting next to me at a bar used to have to endure. I've been blogging here since February of 2005 but started my first foray into blogging on my now dormant Myspace page the October before that. There has been long gaps in between posts at times but I've stuck to it knowing very few people actually read it. So, as a celebration in mediocrity, I am going to re-post some of MY favorite blogs from the past five years (likely skipping anything from the past 6 months). If I can remember, I'll try and explain where I was at in my mind when I wrote it.

So whether reading for the first time or if you're that lone person who's seen them before I hope you enjoy these posts even 1% as much as I had coming up with them!

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