Thursday, May 19, 2011

More randomness


  1. Now that it's spring (in name only) I notice a lot of people out running. Here's the thing, so many people who run look like no one ever taught them HOW to run. Like, horribly, painful looking form. Like, so horrible looking I wonder why they are even bothering. Once upon 100 pounds ago I used to love to run and while I'm about as graceful as a billy goat, I always had textbook form

  2. Why can't I seem to avoid Cee Lo Green? He's everywhere. On the radio, on TV, I think I saw him in line at Dunks the other morning. Am I missing something? Other then one wayyyy overplayed song with Gnarls Barkley and one wayyyyyyyy overplayed as a solo performer, what else has he done to be so ubiquitous? I mean can he turn lead into gold? Walk on water? Cured the common cold? Or are we simply way overrating anyone who musically has a modicum of success??

  3. The Royal Wedding...OK, I got nuttin

  4. I'm not sure which has run out of funny ideas more quickly the Geico "Do Woodchucks chuck wood..." etc or the Miller Lite "When you take off your skirt..." etc ad campaigns but both are really reaching at this point in time

  5. Call me old school, old fashion or just old but when did drinking become so complex. Do we really need 72 draft beers, citrus flavored beer, 15 flavored vodkas, well, call, premium, and super premium liquor, and alcohol spiked whipped cream? I wish it was like TV and the movies where you sit down and say "I'll have a beer" and the barkeep just hands you a long as that beer is Miller Lite

  6. When we say something has gone viral these days it means less passing on some kind of illness to someone else and more making something that was fairly lame to start with exceedingly popular then tear it down by even lamer imitations (See Rebecca Black, History Will be Made parodies)

  7. Someone actually used the term "outside the box" the other day with a straight face. Hello, 2008 called and wants it's terminology back

  8. I love my Ipad but fair warning for those who don't yet own one; any app ending in "Story" may end up being hazardous to your free time (Farm, City, Restaurant, etc)
  9. If you're lucky enough to live in an area with tons of mom and pop pizza and sub shops why would you ever opt for Dominos, Pizza Hut, or Subway...unless you are completely drunk off your ass and need late night delivery

  10. Deep thought (and slightly off color)- If a woman goes out of her way to accentuate her, um, "assets" in the above the stomach/below the shoulders region by her choice of undergarment and/or top, why is it if a guy compliments her on said "assets" that the end result a slap or a drink in the face? Think about it...
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