Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts On The Cusp Of A "Long" Weekend (in other words even fewer folks then usual will read it)

Some quick, random thoughts under the influence of Miller Lite and a Kona crusted burger-

  • Why when a new movie comes out do they have to repeatedly tell you it's "only in theaters"? Can a movie studio be sued if someone goes to Netflix looking for a movie that is not there because it's "only in theaters"?
  • The definition of "be careful what you ask for"- You are bitching about all the road construction fixing the roads whose condition you bitched about all winter
  • A lot of my friends are upset over losing one of Boston's last independent, alternative radio stations. While I never want to hear something like this I have trouble empathizing. Music radio died for me a long time ago. I am not in my car that much and when I am I listen to sports radio. I get my music fix from iTunes, Pandora, and the like
  • I get irked when supermarkets and chain retailers remind us to " honor Memorial Day" then turn around and open on Memorial Day. Really??
  • I haven't had a true long weekend in ages. Comes with the job. But really, how many people between work and their kids activities etc ever have 3 whole days to do something with friends and family uninterrupted?
  • I know I'm an anomaly but the idea of going somewhere where everyone and his brother is going for s short period of time and dealing with gridlock, long lines and inflated prices just doesn't appeal to me anymore (if it ever did) . So, no, I'm not going to the Cape, or York, or Hampton, the Lakes or the Mountains. I hear Cambridge is lovely this time of year

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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