Thursday, November 12, 2015

Read This Blog To Learn How You Can Lose All The Weight You Want Without Diet, Exercise, Pills Or Surgery And Keep It Off For Life!!!!

OK, the title was total bullshit based on what you see and hear on TV and the radio. "Drink 3 of these a day" or "lose 20 pounds without dieting or exercising". And it's all bullshit designed to make money for someone. Now, I don't have a problem with someone making a buck, never have, never will. BUT you just need to know it's the weight loss equivalent of snake oil. There is still only one (short of surgery) tried and true method to lose weight and keep it off-diet and exercise. Trust me, I know, I've tried everything and only diet and exercise works. So why do we fall for these sales pitches all the time? Well, because we WANT them to be true, that's why

If you're ever up really early or really late you've probably been assailed with an infomercial produced by BeachBody which distributes everything from PX90 and Insanity to the ubiquitous 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. It is also home to BeachBody coaches which is one part life coach to 3 parts Amway sales person. Honestly, there is a kernel of truth in every workout, supplement and diet they's just not as straight forward as they present it. Take the 21 Day Fix. Great idea in that it retrains your metabolism and teaches you good habits like portion control. But taking control of your weight and health shouldn't be measured in 3 week periods but over the long haul. Or Shakeology. I actually use and believe in supplements to, well, supplement my diet. That means in addition to meals, not instead of meals. Meal replacement is a short term solution and not a life change most people can stick with. As to coaches, well, I have no problem with encouragement and support be it voluntary or compensated but in the long run you will need self discipline and drive to get the job done

What works is the 4 D's- Diet, Discipline, Dedication and Desire
Diet- knowing what to eat and what not to eat along with proportions of each is fundamental
Discipline- your ability to so "no" to certain things and "I gotta do this even tho I don't want to" to others
Dedication- to live the lifestyle. To stay the course. To get back up when you've fallen down
Desire- you have to want it and be ready to work for it. Not hope for it, not wish for it, not pray for it but to WANT it and to MAKE it happen

You can do it because, well, I did it. I'm at 2 3/4 years of living the life and have no plans to stop. Below is a video I took chronicling my typical work day routine from the time I get up till the time I got to bed. It's about 10 minutes long (I couldn't truncate 15 hours any more then that) and not real exciting but it will give some insight into my routines and what it takes for me to stay on track. I recorded this on November 3, 2015 at the ending stages of a pretty severe cold so please excuse the sniffling and throat clearing

So yeah, the title of this blog was bullshit but so aren't most popular advertised methods of weight loss. If you really, really want to lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off think of the 4 D's

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