Friday, September 15, 2006

Skeletons in the Closet

As an avid reader of suspense novels and watcher of movies I was looking at my own life in those terms recently. In almost every suspense novel, mystery novel, etc and nearly every movie of every genre, the protagonist always has that fatal flaw of skeletons in their closet that come out to cause distress in their lives. This "luggage" is usually central to the plot in same way, sort, or fashion. I was racking my brain to come up with something, anything, but nope, I have no luggage.Oh, I have a few things I've done I've regretted (a DUI when I was 21, a couple of nights in protective custody) and some family issues mostly revolving around depression (and one major tragedy as a result) but I personally don't have any serious baggage waiting to come bite me in the ass at a most inopportune time. No ex-wife, no children out of wedlock (that I know of...bada bing haha), no restaining orders, no psycho ex-girlfriend's, no ex-girlfriend's who think I'm a psycho, no juvenile records that have been expunged, hell, I never even been fingerprinted. I have no past addictions (no alcohol comments please), I've never changed my name, have no distance relatives who were notorious criminals, me and my friend's never accidentally killed someone on summer vacation, covered it up and made a pact we'd take to the grave. None of that.My question is, is this something to be proud of or embarrassed about? I mean, should I be proud that should that special someone come along, I got nothing to hide, nothing to come creeping from out of the past to throw my world into turmoil. I'm kind of clean as the driven snow and as baggage free as it gets. On the other hand, is it a testament my life in that I've taken so few chances and lived such a safe and boring life that I've never been in situation to have this baggage? Has my life been that boring and uneventful? Have I been so guarded against commitment and closeness that my closet only has dress clothes, shoes, and extra sheets but not a skeleton in sight? AND...Does this make the opposite sex feel more or less secure about you (OK, what's wrong with this guy..Well, except the obvious lack of looks and sex appeal ha). So that poses the question of the day; should I do something controversial, insidious, or otherwise out of character to advance my fortunes or simply remain boring, no risk taking, skeleton-free Rich?Author's Note: Please keep in mind I don't consider children baggage in any way (tho they are good for carrying baggage haha) and it was simply lumped in with the rest of this ridiculous concept of a blog to accentuate the pathetic state of my life. Thank you come again

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